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Thursday, November 10, 2011

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How does Angelina Train?

How I Train: A friend of mine just asked so I want to share it you. (Feel free to ask questions)

First of all, Men and Women should train exactly the same. My Boyfriend Colt and I train together completely. We do all of the same exercises (me obviously on a lighter scale but as heavy I can go) Again Ladies, do not worry about the "getting BIG" myth. It will NOT happen. For anyone that personal...ly knows Colt and I, he is for lack of a better word "Jacked!" and I have a more petite frame with longer muscles. I promise Weight Training is the Answer!

In General we do Weight Training about 5 days a week. We target Specific muscle groups each day. The idea is that you want to completely exhaust 2 muscle groups a day, and then give the a few days to recooperate till you can hit them again. We always do abs at the end of our workouts.

Example Week:

Monday: Biceps and Triceps
Tuesday: Shoulders and Back
Wednesday: Legs and Glutes
Thursday: Chest and Triceps
Friday: Shoulders and Back
(Abs at the end of all 5 days)

Obviously Everyone is built differently and needs different things, and you must reevaluate you body constantly and change up the schedule as you need to.

During the Workouts I suggest doing 3 to four exercises targeting each group. 3 Sets per Exercise. You will feel like you cannot push past those "spaghetti arms" or the exhaustion. Keep Pushing! We usually spend about an 1 1/2 in the gym but it takes longer in the beginning to get the proper form and find out what works for you.

It is only when you truly push past the exhaustion and exceed your own expectations that you begin to see amazing results! If it wasnt hard it wouldnt be worth it :)

Please message me if you would like specific exercise Ideas or for questions!

The Misconception on Female Weight Training

 I want to talk about a HUGE misconception that most women have (including myself at one time) about weight training and fat burning. I had a client tell me last week that she didnt want to use the 10lb weights I handed her because she didnt want to get "Big". I started laughing, probably not the best idea, but I asked "Do you think I look Big?" I ended up talking more than training for most of... the session because I wanted her to be informed. I too had this idea at one point that if I lifted weights above 5lbs I was going to blow up, and that I must stay on that Elliptical Machine till I pass out! Then I did my research and got educated on the subject. Muscle burns fat. Cardio burns calories, but not neccessarily fat.

Therefore, Weight Training is Crucial for the sculpting of your body and burning fat. Weight Training not only burns more calories during your workout, it burns for hours afterwards as well! Muscles main source of energy is fat, it lives on it. So naturally when you create muscle, you are also getting rid of fat! It's amazing and saves hours of annoying cardio workouts lol. Lastly, as women it is almost impossible to get "Big" from weight training unless we tamper with our Testosterone Levels. (this is what we think of when we see those female bodybuilders that are taking prohormones!) A womens body only produces a certain amount of testosterone, which is the muscle building hormone, and we DO NOT have enough naturally to get anywhere near "Big". So Do Not BE Afraid!!! Pick up those weights and become a Fat Eating Machine :)
 The Honest Truth